It is our goal to provide our customers with products that we've developed using our experiences in all of the different industries we work in.  With these experiences we have discovered what the best combination of hardware and software components to use to create a reliable, high quality, cost-effective turn-key solution.

Shown below are just a few of our products
developed and fabricated in our facility.

Test Fixtures for Q.A. or Production

If your company has a product that needs

precision testing for quality control, we can
design and fabricate a tester for it. 
U.L.« Panel Fabrication

This facility has been Registered by Underwriters

Laboratories Inc. to the International Organization
for Standardization (ISO) 9000 Series Standards
[or other management system standards].
Programmable, automatic water flushing system
This unit comes in many different varieties.
Some of our examples are:
  • Automatic lawn sprinkler

  • Fresh Produce Mister

  • Photo Lab Flush System (shown)

  • Automatic Grease Waste Flusher

  • Urinal Flush System

  • Agricultural Watering System

Some of the features included in the model shown are:

  • 24 hour programming capability

  • Ability to control on and off durations

  • Slow-closing valve prevents 'slamming'

  • Metal enclosure (stainless or fiberglass
    enclosures are available)

  • U.L.«  Listed
  • In-line filter

Additionally, this product can easily be altered

inexpensively by us to suit your needs.


   Ink-Jet Printer with a 3 Axis Robot


This 3 Axis Ink-Jet printer comes complete

with a conveyor system, custom visual basic-

based HMI, and computer system. This system

can be retro-fitted to suit your needs.


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